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Monday, November 28, 2005

Proposed Contractor for the C&TSRR

Proposed Contractor for the C&TSRR

Finally a WIN-WIN opportunity

A very recent report by an anonymous source close to the rail commission has stated that Bachman Trains Ltd is very interested in taking over the management of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. They have proposed two different plans to not only bring the railroad into a profitable attraction but also eliminate the pollution that is so prevalent with the coal fired locomotives.

Plan A
Completely gut the engines leaving only the outer shell to keep that nostalgic look of long ago. On the inside of the boiler hull mount a large electric motor with proper gearing to turn the drivers. The electricity would be supplied through the track as a normal HO gauge train would be. Each car would also be motorized to assist with the needed power to climb the needed grade. The Chama shop would be converted to a large power transformer and connected to the track. The scale of this unit would be determined at a later date.

Plan B (preferred)
Completely gut the tender and locomotive while leaving a cover of fake fiberglass coal where the top of the load would normally be. The tender would then be filled with batteries and a drive shaft connected to the electric motor in the locomotive hull. As the engine turned the drivers, they would be attached to generators which would in turn recharge the batteries. There would also be solar cells attached to strategic areas that can not be seen. These would be used to power the lights, whistle and the small automatic nontoxic smoke generator (fake smoke). Each passenger car would be equipped with a solar cell to run a small helper motor first, the air conditioning and heater unit as needed.

The Osier stop could be powered by hooking into the track (plan A), or by having the locomotive drop an extra lead onto a circuit laid next to the track beginning at 30 minutes out in each direction.

Plan B would bring in many different federal and state grants for using alternative power sources. There would also be EPA grants for clean air and innovational ideas. Finally the dreaded Forest Service “to dry to run” excuse would become mute.

Considering both plans it has been leaked that the Commission is very serious about looking into these proposals. The improved health of the inhabitants at both ends of the track and especially those riding the train are a major concern for the state. The environment will benefit, as well as all of the local wildlife. Rider ship will greatly increase because the railroad will now appeal to the model railroad crowd. Imagine not just running ones own railroad but actually riding on a new scale train.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Durango Soot & Smoke a Solution

Trains coal soot demands a solution

We have information that the Coal Smoke & Coal Soot problem in Durango is going to be history soon.

A new company headed by Mark Pearson has been formed to purchase the Durango Silverton Railroad. The name of the company is Clean Air Durango. We are told the new company will replace the train with a bicycle path and bicycles will be available to rent at both bicycle depots (The old train depots in Durango & Silverton). Clean Air Durango claims the new enterprise will generate much more income for the communities than the old narrow gauge steam railroad ever did. According to a company spokesman this will not only be the best thing for the two communities it also will be a great opportunity for Durango & Silverton residents to add to their investment portfolio. Stock in the new company is expected to be available to residents of Durango & Silverton sometime in 2006.

All railroad equipment will be re-cycled and sold to China. The income from the sale will be spent on new bicycle designs. Some of the new Durango motto's being considered are "Clean Air Capital Of The World", "Bicycle Heaven" & "Durango Is Now Healthy".

Word on the street is Clean Air Durango is passing a petition to change the Welcome to Durango signs to Welcome to Durango. RAILFANS NOT WELCOME.

Click On Link To Meet Mr. Pearson.

Link. The Durango Herald

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nutty Goat announces Charter Train Operator Of The Year

Nutty Goat Staff Announces Jay Wimer of Chama, New Mexico as Charter Train Operator Of The Year. The prize for this years winner is a Nutty Goat Saloon T-shirt. The shirt is available and waiting for the winner to pick up. Winner will need a photo ID to verify who he is to pick up his shirt.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

C&TSRR Commission Meetings

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Commission

We have received information that Chama Businessman Roger Hogan is writing a proposal to help the commission when they need to act on important but diffulcult decisions. The commission has been accused of trying to hide rather than acting on diffulcult decisions.

The Proposal: Every time someone goes to a commission meeting their attendance card will be stamped. Each stamp will equal 1 vote. Any official commissioner can call for a public vote when they don't want to discuss or vote on something. Once the votes are counted that will be the official decision. When interviewed Mr. Hogan said the advantage to this for the commissioners should be obvious. No controversial decisions. They can always blame the public. If someone cares enough to go to the most meetings they get to vote the most times. This could be called The attend to vote policy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Its The RGRPC's Fault

RGRPC (C&TSRR Management Contractor) Blamed for weather change.

The question???? Is Mother Nature or The RGRPC to blame for the unusual October 2005 weather affecting Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

A group of residents representing Antonito, Colorado & Chama New Mexico are going to ask for an investigation into the type of coal the RGRPC purchased for the 2005 season. The belief is this was discounted contaminated coal and the smoke from this coal has caused a warming effect which has caused lightning and thunderstorms rather than the needed snow. Because of so many double headers this past season the concern is this may be a long lasting problem. Some weather & Coal experts are saying this could last as long as November 21, 2005. The Railroad commission & the citizens of both communitees should demand that next year the RGRPC only purchase coal that has gone thru the NO GLOBAL WARMING FILTERS.

Monday, October 31, 2005

C&TSRR Engine Repair or Rebuild

The C&TSRR Engine committee is ready to release a report that proposes busses rather than Steam Engines. They have determined that the cost of maintenance, repair and rebuilding could be cut by 75% or more with their plan.

The bus contractor has a multi year contract so the busses need to be used in the most cost effective way possible. Put rail wheels on the busses for the summer season and at the end of the season remove the rail wheels then the busses can return to bus charters. Multi use of equipment is a proven method of reducing costs. Seating in the busses will replace the parlor cars. All that remains is the results of the study to determine how many passenger cars each bus can pull up the 4% grade.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

C&TSRR Colorado Funding

Colorado seems to be going thru a cash crunch at this time.

Send each Colorado registered voter a self addressed envelope with a letter of explanation that they should feel obligated to send the C&TSRR $2.00 of their tax refund because of TABOR from the state of Colorado. If the politicians won't do it maybe the citizens will. If the Colorado media will pick up this story everybody may be surprised at the amount of money the railroad might receive. This also might be a way to get the story out to the citizens of Colorado and the politicians might feel like they need to do something to put this problem to bed. If this has any chance of working the media in Colorado must report the story. Maybe a letter to the editor of every newspaper and a press release to every Radio & Television station about the upcoming bill every voter will be receiving is the way to start.